ASPA’s Section for Public Management Practice


The Section’s mission is to share insight on contemporary governance challenges and solutions among both advanced systems (e.g., OECD countries) and emerging democracies alike and foster networking within this community to help engage practitioners, researchers and other applied academics, trainers, and management consultants through:

  • Best practice articles, case studies, commentaries, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Case-oriented blogs – rich in tools, techniques and other practical takeaways
  • Ongoing forums on a wide range of topics led by diverse subject matter experts
  • Individual and small group professional networking and mentoring around the globe
  • Collaboration on events – e.g., conferences, seminars, webinars, forums, etc.


In January 2012, the Section launched ASPA’s Good Governance Worldwide site and recently melded its domestic and internal content – previously built around the Certified Program Management (CPM) interests – with the more globally-oriented online journal and professional network. A half-day forum at ASPA’s March 2013 New Orleans conference reflects the new focus – a mix of domestic and global experience on major practice-oriented challenges (e.g., Homelessness in a Global Context; Improving Educational Accountability; Curbing Corruption, etc.). We believe these changes and new directions are in line with the group’s core values and vision and offer an opportunity to grow our membership within an expanded global community of practice.

The Section is open to all ASPA members, with member dues set at $10/year in addition to ASPA membership. The SPMP Officers & Board Members are listed below.

SPMP Section Officers

Dr. Howard Balanoff, Professor & Director, Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service.  Dr. Howard R. Balanoff holds the William P. Hobby Endowed Professorship for Public Service and serves as the Director of Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service.

Section Treasurer
Mario Espinoza

SPMP Section & Good Governance Worldwide Webmaster
Lloyd Harrington

Section Governing Board Members
Sue Breland
Sheriff Folarin
Dustin Haisler
Marc Holzer
Mohamed Makkoui
Bob Shick
Miha Vindis


Approved on November 29, 2022
Click here for a copy of the Bylaws for ASPA’s Section for Public Management Practice (SPMP).

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Structure of ASPA’s Section For Public Management Practice (SPMP)
and Good Goverance Worldwide (GGW)

Good Governance Worldwide is the official Web site of ASPA’s Section for Public Management Practice and operates as a communication vehicle for the members of the Section and as an online publication for ASPA members and the public. It’s also uniquely structured as a collaborative effort to function as a volunteer undertaking. If relies primarily on the support of ASPA Section members and volunteers who contribute content in the form of manuscripts, Op-ed articles, etc. and also participate in online forums and exchanges.

The site is under the direction of Dr. Howard Balanoff who also serves as the Chair of the SPMP and as Editor in Chief of Good Governance Worldwide. Dr. Balanoff is assisted by the officers and council members of ASPA’s Section for Public Management Practice and by the editorial board members of Good Governance Worldwide which is comprised of key public administration and policy practitioners and academic faculty.

The officers and council members of ASPA’s Section on Public Management Practice and the GGW Editorial Board members will regularly advise and confer on strategic matters and serve as a high-level outreach, coordination and communication channel both within ASPA (with officers, chapters, sections, strategic alliances, etc.) and beyond. The group meets virtually and periodically as needed to maintain proper and current communication among the SPMP members.

It is the GGW Editor in Chief’s responsibility to organize an inclusive Board of Editors (comprised of both practitioners and academics) that will advise on prospective content for the online GGW site – including links to other sites, extent and targets of global network, social/professional networking, etc. – and the formulation of an editorial calendar and a call for content for each calendar year. The GGW Editorial Board and ASPA’s Section for Public Management Officers and Council will meet virtually and periodically as needed to maintain proper and current communication.

If you wish to contact any of the Officers or Section Governing Board members open the “Contact” link at the top of the page and follow the instructions on the page.