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Howard Balanoff
Good Governance Worldwide (GGW) Editor in Chief

Sheriff Folarin
Good Governance Worldwide (GGW) Associate Editor in Chief

Editorial Guidance for Manuscripts

Audience: The audience for GGW consists largely of public management practitioners and academics at all levels of government – both in the U.S. and other countries – and public nonprofit managers and executives, applied academics, students, trainers and technical & management consultants interested in improving performance in the public sector.

The emphasis of the articles and manuscripts will be on the practical, rather than the theoretical; on experience and observations about practice, rather than on a review of the “literature;” and a discussion of applications, solutions and tools and techniques, as opposed to issues that simply raise questions or identify challenges and problems.

Length: Manuscript shall not exceed eighteen (18) pages and not below twelve (12) pages in length, including references, tables, figures, etc. In exceptional cases, particularly in review articles or empirical studies, fewer pages might be accepted. The writing should be 1.5-spaced, with an abstract of 250 words max and a maximum of five keywords, and titles that should not exceed 18 words- this is inclusive of hyphenated words. All tables, figures, graphs and diagrams (if applicable) should be appropriately outlined in-text and not at the end of the paper, and well referenced.

All papers should employ the APA 7th edition of referencing. To guide you, please look up the APA 7th edition resources here: Journal Publication Timelines and Deadlines June 20-July 10, 2022- CFP Announcement and Sending out of Letters to Commissioned Author.

Production editing: Accepted manuscripts are further edited for style by the Symposia Editor and GGW Editor in Chief who will discuss proposed substantive changes with the author when practicable.

Unsolicited Manuscripts: Some of the material we post is solicited by the GGW Symposia Editors and/or the Editorial Board. Unsolicited content that meets our guidelines are welcomed, and articles can be reviewed by two or more Editorial Board members.

Style: APA 7th edition resources here: Journal Publication Timelines and Deadlines (see Symposia Guidelines).
Title: Aim for 10 words or less.
Subtitle/header: A brief sentence that captures the essence of the article.
Heads: First and second level, at least one per manuscript page.
Illustrations: Tables, graphs and photo art must be included in conventional electronic form (e.g., Word table, PowerPoint figure, JPGs, etc.) – either as part of the document or as a separate file. While we prefer the author’s photos – either original or obtained from public domain Web site – we can occasionally assist with this matter to make the manuscript more readable to the site visitor.
Web Site Links: Include full Web site URLs where applicable (http://www…) – either hyperlinked in the manuscript or placed in parentheses directly after the referenced item (e.g., the American Society for Public Administration – ASPA).
Article Abstract: 250 words or less
Author biography: Two to three sentences, with focus on current position/title and other information germane to the manuscript’s topic.
E-mail address (and Web site if applicable): So that readers may contact you or your organization for further information.

Submission of manuscript: Please, use the Contact form above for information on submission.

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We appreciate your interest in contributing to ASPA’s Good Governance Worldwide Web presence. Designed with the professional public management practitioner in mind, we are seeking content that offers first-hand insight on innovative approaches, tools, and techniques – particularly of use to members of the community of practice in modernizing countries and emerging democracies.

Please, use the Contact form above for information on submission.You will be contacted with a response by Dr. Balanoff or a member of the GGW Editorial Board shortly.