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Thanks to an institutional agreement between the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) and Texas State University’s Certified Public Manager (CPM) and Master in Public Administration (MPA) Program, you are now eligible for a complimentary membership in the American Society for Public Administration The free membership is good for as long as you are a participant in the Texas CPM Program and/or a student in any of the MPA Programs at Texas State University, the LBJ School or the Bush School.

If you are a current participant in any of the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Programs and Texas State University’s MPA Program, then you will most likely have already received your complimentary membership to ASPA.

In addition to receiving a complimentary membership to National ASPA, you will also receive a free membership to ASPA’s Section on Public Management Practice (SPMP) and your local Texas ASPA Chapter.

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Keeping Current Webinars and BookTalk Program

ASPA members receive complimentary access to our webinar programming, featuring three or four new topics each month. Hear from experts in the field about best practices and trends that are changing the field. Miss one? Make the most of the archives, where members can find all of our recordings—more than 170 hours of content produced throughout the past seven years.

Daily News Brief Updates

Delivered fresh to your inbox each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the ASPA News Brief provides members with a mix of state, federal and local news headlines from recent days to keep you informed about everything happening in government, public administration, public policy and higher education.

Section Membership

ASPA has more than 30 subject matter Sections, ranging from finance and budgeting to crisis management to procurement. Many of them publish scholarly journals and newsletters and host specialized webinars that keep you current in the fields in which you work or study. As a member, you will learn more about a specialized field of interest. As an expert, you will share your knowledge and skills through Section-sponsored symposia, journals and more. Get involved today!


Enjoy a free subscription to ASPA’s quarterly magazine, PA TIMES. Focusing on concerns central to public administrators, it highlights best practices in the field and other news and current events. PA TIMES Online, issued twice weekly, contains the latest commentary from public administrators on current happenings. This online forum is a valuable outlet to share your knowledge and expertise.

Extensive Networking and Leadership Opportunities

ASPA offers wide and diverse opportunities to network, volunteer and lead. You can participate at a local, regional or national level and choose opportunities that are best for you and your professional credentials. From networking at Chapter events or participating in topic-based Section research to leading your group and connecting with other elected officers, you’ll gain exposure to the field and become part of this network of public administration professionals.

Local Chapter Membership

ASPA Chapters provide an unparalleled opportunity for public administrators—practitioners, students and academics alike—to meet and network within their geographic area. Most Chapters host networking events, workshops, seminars and Zoom sessions; many present awards. These local groups meet regularly and keep you informed about your public service community.

Public Administration Review (PAR)

Enjoy a free member subscription to PAR, the top journal in public administration for the last 83 years. Stay current on topics and research important to today’s public administrators. Your subscription also includes access to online articles and PAR’s extensive archives.

Annual Conference

With more than 1,300 attendees, ASPA Annual Conferences are where experts from all levels and fields of public administration join to discuss the latest in public service trends and share valuable information. Find more details on our website and Twitter feed as they are released!

Job Listings is a public job search site but ASPA members get direct alerts through e-newsletters showing some of the most recent job postings. Be among the first to know what’s available when you join ASPA!

E-Newsletter Access

ASPA’s e-newsletter, The Bridge, is distributed twice monthly and includes the latest information from across the profession. This Week at ASPA, provides weekly members-only updates regarding current programs, publications and job announcements.

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If you are an MPA student in the University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs or Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service you will have to fill out the Membership form.

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