Best Practices from the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program

The GGW-CPM is an open access, peer reviewed, multidisciplinary symposium issue, which is committed to expanding the base of public policy and public administration issues in general with an emphasis on local government. The journal and the CPM symposia issue are aimed at advancing the cause of robust intellectual conversations through informed research, analyses and commentaries.

Introduction, Preamble & Table of Contents

Best Practices from the Texas Certified Public Management (CPM) Program

Pages 1 – 6

Section 1 : Post-Pandemic Employee Retention

Amber Dembroski

Pages 1.1 – 1.12

Section 2 : Culture on Fire

Benjamin Williamson

Pages 2.1 – 2.13

Section 3 : Who is Quitting and Why Are They Leaving?

Christine Hadley

Pages 3.1 – 3.11

Section 4 : Mental Health and Wellness for City Management

Troy Lestina

Pages 4.1 – 4.10

Section 5 : Mental Health and Police Officers

Jay Compton

Pages 5.1 – 5.8

Section 6 : How will North Texas Water Providers Provide Affordable, Reliable, Quality Water to a Rapidly Growing Population with Deteriorating Resources?

Joshua T. Howard

Pages 6.1 – 6.14

Section 7 : Best Options for an Animal Control Facility in Texarkana, Texas

Mashell Daniel

Pages 7.1 – 7.12

Section 8 : Grab an Ark! Flood Risk from Infrastructure Failure, Communication, and Local Governments

Sunny Lindsey

Pages 8.1 – 8.20

Section 9 : Libraries: Increasing Relevancy through Community Engagement

Holly Russell

Pages 9.1 – 9.10

Sheriff F. Folarin

Dr. Sheriff F. Folarin

Professor of International Relations & Visiting
Scholar, Department of Political Science, Texas State University

Dr. Sheriff F. Folarin is a professor of international relations, with specialty in foreign policies and the soft power of African states, governance and politics in Africa, international and comparative public administration, foreign policies of the great powers, and Middle East politics. He was among others, a 2015 Carnegie ADFP and 2007 SUSI fellow, a member of the Citizen Diplomacy Research Group of America, Midwest Political Science Association, Nigerian Political Science Association, and American Society for Public Administration.

Dr. Folarin has served as a professor of international relations at Covenant university in Nigeria, a visiting professor at Texas State University and at the University of Rwanda, where he teaches asynchronously and in-person.

Mostafa Jalal

Mostafa Jalal

Economic Development Division, City of San Marcos, Texas

Mostafa Jalal is a graduate research assistant and student in the Texas State University Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program. He is currently serving an internship with the Economic Development Division with the City of San Marcos, Texas. Originally from Bangladesh, Mostafa developed his interest in Governance and Public Policy, Environmental Sustainability, South Asian and Middle Eastern politics, and Religion. While he has completed both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Public Administration, Mostafa received several awards and scholarships for his academic achievements.

His research mainly focuses on Environmental Policy and Sustainability, and recently, he has been doing research on the ‘Law and MPA curriculum’ by analyzing NASPAA-accredited MPA programs across the world. Mostafa is also a member of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), Texas City Manager Association (TCMA), and Model United Nations Association (MUNA), and he has been looking forward to contributing to the field of public policy and administration.